Address Book Backup For Cell

Outlook Express Quick Backup
Creates backups of Outlook Express and address book files.
Outlook Express Backup Expert
Backup and restore email, accounts, address book, templates for Outlook Express.
Bodrag S.R.L.
It allows you to send a text message to any cell phone.
SAFCo Software

Address Book Backup for Cell

Toltec LDAP Addess Book
The Toltec™ LDAP Address Book is an Outlook address book provider.
Radley Network Technologies CC
Vnc Address Book
Utility for saving remote VNC server details as bookmarks.
Vnc Address Book
My Address Book for The Journal
My Address Book makes it easy to keep a simple address book in The Journal.
DavidRM Software
Address Book Recovery
Address Book Recovery recovers contacts information from Windows Address Book.
Recovery ToolBox
Super Cell
action arcade game.
Green Fire Software
ABC Outlook Express Backup
Backup and Restore outlook express messages, accounts, rules and address book.
Startking Software
Address Book for Windows
Parsons Technology, Inc.
Spreadsheet Compare
It is an Excel add-in that performs a cell-by-cell comparison of worksheets.
Essential Software
Livid Cell real-time video and VJ software.
mypond software

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Address Book Backup for Cell

SysTools Address Book Recovery
Best Address Book Recovery Software can Recover deleted Outlook contacts.
SysTools Software
F10 Address Book
This Address Book and dialer from F10 Software has support for pictures and email, prints envelopes......
F10 Software
ModFit LT
Tool for the analysis of complex DNA patterns.
Verity Software House
Dencom Global Address Book
This Dencom Global Address Book allows all users access a shared common database.
Dencom Global Address Book
MotoVisual Viewer
Stand-alone application for viewing robot cell layouts.
Motoman Europe
MetroPCS MSL Calculator
MetroPCS MSL/SPC Calculator is an application for MetroPCS cell phone owners.
Matt Webb
IncuCyte ZOOM 2013B
It facilitates live-cell monitoring via customized imaging protocols.
Essen BioScience
Full customize address book
Address management program.
The Royal Software